17-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat


Deepen Your Retreat Experience

Gain Insight into Awareness, Compassion, Love, and Freedom

The 17-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is a unique opportunity to do a long term spiritual retreat in silent Self-Enquiry, diving deeper into the teachings of the Spiritual Heart while being held in a supportive group atmosphere.

Led by senior Hridaya Yoga teacher Sahajananda and presented in Longeval only once per year, this longer term spiritual retreat will bring your practice to a new, more profound level. It creates the conditions in which you can experience penetrating insights into Awareness, Compassion, Beauty, Love, Bliss, and Freedom.

The retreat begins with participation in a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. As it progresses, the meditation sessions become longer, the energy builds, the mind starts to quiet, and the ever-present background of Stillness begins to reveal itself.

The final 7 days of the retreat bring even more gifts, including special teachings and practices that are only shared in this format.

To participate, all you need is the aspiration to spend a long term spiritual retreat, 17 days in silent communion with your inner self. This extended period of practice offers revitalization, inspiration, and lasting spiritual transformation.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary as this retreat is designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike. This retreat is guided in English.

“In Silence, I found the most miraculous of all medicines, in the Heart I found my long-lost ‘pure me,’ in Self-Enquiry, I found the best psychologist, and in the Hridaya Community, I found that ‘love is in the air.’”



In addition to the content of the initial 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, this retreat features:

  • Tonglen, a Buddhist practice of compassion
  • Presentations about Advaita and Christianity: the wisdom of Jesus considered from the non-dual perspective
  • Walking meditation
  • St. Teresa of Avila’s inspiring teachings on the degrees of contemplation
  • More commentary about mental void, Stillness, and nirodha parinama (“the transformation of cessation”)
  • Stories and narratives that detail the enlightenment of great masters: insight from inside the process
  • The 3-2-1-0 Method
  • Beauty as a means and Reality
  • Selected practices from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a sacred text of Kashmir Shaivism


Morning Sessions

7:00-9:00 Meditation (beginning in shorter segments)
9:00-9:45 Breakfast
9:45-11:00 Lecture
11:00-12:30 Hridaya Hatha Yoga
12:30-13:00 Meditation
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:45 Karma Yoga
14:45-15:30 Break

Afternoon Sessions

15:30-18:00 Meditation (beginning in shorter segments)
18:00-18:30 Time for personal practice
18:30-19:15 Dinner
19:15-20:30 Daily themed spiritual discourse and Q&A (length depends on the number of questions)
20:30-~21:00 Final evening meditation

Pricing and Registration

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Dates Retreat Teachers Pricing and Registration

Please note that for 2021 there will, unfortunately, be no 17-Day retreat held at Longeval this year. 

  • This course is presented in English.
  • Please read the Payment, Refund, & Amendment Guidelines before booking.
  • For reference, please see our current on-site Covid-19 measures here.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins the morning after the date of arrival and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on arrival day. Please plan to allow enough time to get settled in your accommodations before the Orientation Session that will be held at 17:00. Note that it is not possible to join the retreat after 7:00 on the first day.
  • Hridaya Yoga France is a non-profit organization and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If the prices still exceed your budget, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship. We will happily consider your request and try to find a way to support you.

This retreat will be held at Domaine de Longeval, a beautiful property nestled in the Beaujolais countryside

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary to participate in this retreat. Even if you are wholly unfamiliar with meditation, you are welcome to join as long as you are inspired to commit to the entire 17-day period.