Dark Room Retreats

“Darkness within darkness. The Gateway to all understanding” – Lao Tzu

Meditation in the dark is an advanced practice which is a part of the ancient Ayurvedic and Tantric traditions of India and Tibet. It is an approach to spiritual development and self-realization in which the guru or teacher is darkness itself. The aspirant enters a room specially prepared to admit absolutely no light and spends a number of days under this sensory deprivation in order to bring about a profound shift of consciousness.

For the Hridaya perspective on dark room retreats, please click here.

The Space

Two Dark Meditation Rooms are available for dark retreats from 2 to 30 nights near Hridaya Yoga France in the village of Saint Just d’Avray.

The rooms (about 25m2 in size) are ideal for solitary retreats and are specifically designed for this purpose with insulated walls, windows and door, and good ventilation. The space features a comfortable queen size bed, a little bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, a “lounging” area with a table and an armchair,  as well as floor space to practice yoga and meditation. Linens and towels are provided.

Your hosts:
Déborah and Jürgen (right) are both teachers at Hridaya Yoga France. As your hosts, they will care for you during your retreat, providing you with meals if requested, answering any questions you might have and giving you guidance if the need arises. They will offer you an orientation session before the start of the retreat, as well as a post-retreat debriefing.


Before a booking can be confirmed, please note that the process will include filling out this questionnaire, as well as potentially conducting a preliminary interview. You can begin your booking either by emailing Déborah and Jürgen at monteeharmonie@gmail.com or directly by filling out the questionnaire.


Daily rates:

€ 50,- per night for 2-4 nights
€ 45,- per night for 4-7 nights
€ 40,- per night for 8-14 nights
€ 35,- per night for 15-30 nights


€ 20,- one time cleaning fee


You are welcome to organize your meals by yourself, however Déborah and Jürgen are also happy to provide you with healthy organic vegetarian meals during your retreat. The options are as follows:

€ 25,- full meal plan per day (three healthy and organic vegetarian meals)

Or you may choose which meals per day you’d like:
€ 5,- Breakfast
€ 10,- Lunch
€ 10,- Dinner

(photos of the dark rooms to follow….)