Domaine de Longeval

A New Retreat Center in the Heart of France

A Medieval Stronghold Overlooking the Azergues Valley

Hridaya Yoga France is based at Domaine de Longeval, a beautiful property nestled in the Beaujolais countryside. In the Middle Ages, Longeval was a stronghold that protected access to the high valley of Azergues and the barony of Amplepuis. In the nineteenth century, the estate passed into the hands of a notable Lyonnaise family, the Termes, who were members of the parliamentary assembly. They are responsible for the reworked and enlarged appearance of the château. In 1964, the Terme family sold the estate to the French government, which turned it into a children’s therapeutic educational institution. At the same time, the forest of Longeval was transformed. Because of public policies in support of reforestation, many conifer trees were planted, resulting in the thick forest that surrounds the castle today.

Hridaya Yoga France acquired the castle in June 2017, began renovations, and opened to the public in September 2018.