Hridaya Teacher Training Course – 500-Hour Certification

The Hridaya Teacher Training Course is a member organization of one of the top yoga registries in the world, Yoga Alliance.

Hridaya has Yoga Teacher Training – 500-Hour registration with US-based Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is an organization with origins dating to 1982, officially created out of a merger of two groups in 1999. From its inception, Yoga Alliance sought to establish minimum standards for Yoga teachers worldwide. They embrace diversity, professionalism, and ethics in Yoga. The group holds very high standards among members. Members must meet the following standards for their 500-hour level teacher training programs.

Hridaya Yoga’s program well exceeds all of these levels.

Our YA registration, which began in February 2011, applies for all graduates of the program. This course also meets all upgrade requirements that were introduced in 2008. Upon completion of the course, all Hridaya Meditation and Hatha Yoga TTC graduates are entitled to individually join the Yoga Alliance registry. The Hridaya Teacher Training Course qualifies graduates for registration with Yoga Alliance. However, Hridaya does not complete the registration for the student. Graduates may choose to become Yoga Alliance members and may register themselves directly on the Yoga Alliance website.

Yoga Teacher Training – 500-Hour Certification

Subject Total HoursContact Hours
Teaching Methodology3020
Anatomy and Physiology3520
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics6045
Remaining hours, distributed according to school’s emphasis185
Contact hours, to be distributed among the five subject categories245
Total Hours500450