Hridaya Yoga Retreat:

Module 1 Intensive

Part 1


Much More Than Just Physical Postures

When Yoga Becomes Meditation

The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Part 1) is a holistic course that creates the conditions for the revelation of your Real Nature, the Spiritual Heart.

It is a life-changing journey in which important yogic topics are introduced in both a practical and theoretical way.

The practice of Hatha Yoga provides an intimate inner knowledge of the physical body, bio-energies, and chakras (energy centers), as well as of our Ultimate Nature. A contemplative attitude and an awareness of the Spiritual Heart are an important part of the practice.

Module 1 is a 20-day course that is offered in two parts in Longeval. Experiencing the course in this way gives more flexibility and allows more time to integrate the teachings.

Part 1 will take place over the course of two weeks and allows plenty of time to rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

During these two weeks, you will be introduced to fundamental concepts in Hatha Yoga and meditation and the subtleties of the Hridaya approach.

Our teachers will also guide you through a purification process via the practice of different asanas (postures) and kriyas (purification techniques).

The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive is a highly beneficial and transformative program that can bring about amazing results at the physical, psychological, and mental levels.

Some of the benefits of this inner journey are:

  • Learning how to open to the limitless and universal nature of energy.
  • Opening your heart deeply.
  • Regenerating at the psycho-mental level.
  • Creating the conditions for deep relaxation and “transfiguration” of the body.

“I was super impressed with this course! It helped bring new awareness in my life journey, embracing the connection between all aspects of yoga.”


The complete Module 1 Intensive is a four-week course:

Part 1

Week 1 – Introduction and Subtle Structures
Week 2 – Purification

Part 2

Week 3 – Spiritual Transformation and Grace
Week 4 – Integration In Daily Life

Content of Part 1 (10 days of practice)

 A typical day of practice includes:

  • 1 hour of meditation (optional)
  • 4 hours of Hatha Yoga practice (asana and pranayama)
  • A 2-hour lecture
  • Mini-lectures on purification techniques and meditation practices (including vamana dhauti, shanka prakshalana, jala neti, and the Blessing of the Heart)

You’ll learn about:

  • The principles of Hridaya Hatha Yoga and the stages of performing an asana
  • Both the practice and the symbolic significance of more than 30 asanas, yogic techniques, and warm-up exercises
  • The yogic system of chakras 
  • Nadis (subtle energy channels), the subtle bodies, and the polarity of energy
  • Ramana Maharshi‘s Self-Enquiry method
  • The infinite power of the Spiritual Heart
  • Yogic purification techniques
  • Cultivating proper attitudes for a Hridaya life
  • Pranayama—the control of the energies through the breath
  • Simple concentration and meditation techniques

See the content of the Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Part 2).


8:15-10:00Breakfast and break
10:00-12:30Hatha Yoga
13:15-15:00Karma Yoga or free time
15:00-17:00Hatha Yoga
20:00-22:00Free time or optional activities
22:00Mauna (noble silence)


Click Pricing and Registration for a list of prices and types of accommodation available for the dates you are interested in.
DatesPricing and Registration
November 19 - December 1, 2018
January 7 - 19, 2019
February 11 - 23, 2019
March 18 - 30, 2019
April 22 - May 4, 2019

Note that this course is presented in English. Please read the Payment and Refund Guidelines before booking.

Please note that the dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins the morning after the date of arrival and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on arrival day. Please plan to allow enough time to get settled in your accommodations before the Orientation Session that will be held at 18:00.

Hridaya Yoga France is a non-profit organization and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If the prices still exceed your budget, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship. We will happily consider your request and try to find a way to support you.

The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Part 1) will be held at Domaine de Longeval, a castle nestled in the beautiful countryside of Beaujolais.

The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive (Part 1) is open to everyone and will enable both beginners and advanced practitioners to dive deep into the practice.

  • To continue on to Part 2 of the Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive, you need to attend at least 80% of Part 1 classes.
  • To receive a certificate for Module 1, you need to attend at least 80% of classes from both Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Graduating from Module 1 (Parts 1 and 2) will enable you to continue with the higher modules.
  • Once you have completed Module 1, you can repeat it by donation at any time here in France or at the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte, Mexico (the course is the same at both locations).
  • Even though we recommend that you complete both parts of Module 1 to really feel the benefit of the course, it is possible to participate in Part 1 before deciding to continue with Part 2.