Hridaya Yoga Retreat:

Module 2

Going Deeper in the Practice

Exploring the Consciousness of Oneness

Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 2 offers graduates of Module 1 the opportunity to go deeper in the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga, further exploring the beauty of the Heart.

The Module 2 program includes 13 days of instruction over a 16-day course cycle. During this module, the practice gets more profound with the introduction of new asanas and pranayama techniques. Nada Yoga (meditation on subtle sounds) will be one of the essential points on this yogic journey.

The format of Module 2 allows more time for the integration of personal practice and interaction with others who are serious about spiritual evolution. Discussions on the 14 Hridaya Attitudes and other daily life awareness activities offer inspiration and tools for practicing yoga off the mat.

This is an inspiring and joyful program that provides space for transformation and loving support from dedicated teachers.

“After Module 1, I knew that it was just the beginning… Module 2 was such a beautiful exploration. Sharing many essential aspects of life together, in-depth and from the Heart, for me had the taste of Truth… So much gratitude for these teachings and the amazing Hridaya Family!”



Module 2 is a comprehensive program that offers 13 days of instruction in fundamental yoga and meditation techniques. Group discussions, personal support from teachers, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a yogic community all assist you in going deeper in your practice.

A typical day includes:

  • 1 hour of meditation (optional)
  • 3 hours of Hatha Yoga practice (asanas, pranayama, and meditation)
  • A 2-hour lecture
  • Time for personal practice and Karma Yoga

You’ll experience:

  • Deep Hatha Yoga sessions that feature a comprehensive explanation of 10 additional asanas and instruction in nauli kriya, a strong sublimation technique
  • An initiation in Nada Yoga, the yoga of subtle sounds, and the practice of Nada Yoga meditation with a mantra
  • The practice of trataka, a yogic technique for concentrating and purifying the mind
  • An additional technique for Yoga Nidra, the yoga of lucid sleep
  • A thorough introduction to prana and pranayama, including complete yogic breathing, rhythmic breathing exercises for lucid dreaming and psychic purification, and alternate nostril breathing
  • Lectures on yogic healing, the Witness Consciousness, the 14 Hridaya Attitudes, sublimation, detachment, and the kleshas
  • The opportunity to participate in a guided 3-day juice fast


8:15-9:45Breakfast and break
9:45-12:45Hatha Yoga
17:00-19:00Personal practice or Karma Yoga
20:00-22:00Free time or optional activities
22:00Mauna (noble silence)


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DatesPricing and Registration
November 19 - December 6, 2018
January 7 - 24, 2019
February 11 - 28, 2019
March 18 - April 4, 2019
April 22 - May 9, 2019

Note that this course is presented in English. Please read the Payment and Refund Guidelines before booking.

Please note that the dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins the morning after the date of arrival and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available at 14:00 on the date of arrival.

Hridaya Yoga France is a non-profit organization and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If the prices still exceed your budget, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship. We will happily consider your request and try to find a way to support you.

Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 2 will be held at Domaine de Longeval, a beautiful property in the Beaujolais countryside.

Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 2 is open to all graduates of the Module 1 Intensive.

  • To graduate from Module 2, 80% of all classes must be completed. This means attendance of at least 10 of the 13 days of the course.
  • Graduating from Module 2 will enable you to continue with the higher modules.
  • Once you have completed Module 2, you can repeat it by donation at any time here in France or at the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte, Mexico (the course is the same in both locations).