In the modern world, it is increasingly expensive to participate in retreats and other spiritual courses. As many people are facing serious economic challenges, there is a need to reflect on how we can compassionately offer teachings so we don’t replicate the class divisions found in society and cater only to the privileged and wealthy.

Hridaya Yoga France is a non-profit organization committed to offering retreats and teachings to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Thus, more people can benefit from meditation, whose many scientifically-proven benefits are undisputed.

It is our intention that after our operational costs are covered, all profits will be reinvested in the association to provide scholarships and free teachings so that everyone who aspires to can attend our programs.

In the spirit of Karma Yoga, students are able to live at the center for an extended period of time to practice and attend teachings while serving the community.

This enables a community to grow on-site, which will offer many educational opportunities including workshops in permaculture, sustainability, mindfulness, and stress reduction techniques.

But, money is often not the only obstacle. Having a busy life, with work and family duties, can reduce people’s ability to attend courses. Therefore, Hridaya Yoga France will offer free daily meditation sessions, yoga classes, and weekend retreats on donation for working people who can’t afford to attend longer retreats.