Experience the Joy of Selfless Service

Serve at Hridaya Yoga France

Working with Meditative Awareness and Love

Offering from the Heart

Serving at Hridaya Yoga France is a wonderful opportunity to integrate daily life into spirituality and to practice selfless service in a supportive and nurturing environment. As Domaine de Longeval is a vibrant, busy place, we have a wide range of positions requiring a variety of skills and temperaments.

We seek to create a professional environment that reflects the Hridaya Yoga Attitudes and Community Vision, with an emphasis on seeing our work as an essential aspect of our practice. As such, we look for people who have a commitment to their own spiritual evolution and a sincere desire to serve. Whether you work on the website, help in the gardens, or change the sheets, you know that your efforts are in service to the goal of introducing more people to the Hridaya teachings and supporting them on the path of the Spiritual Heart.

Serving at Hridaya Yoga France is an opportunity to step out of yourself and into the flow of Divine Grace.

Current Openings

There are no openings at the present time.