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Creating a Sustainable Retreat Center in France

Projects and Ideas

Sustainability is a major part of Hridaya Yoga France’s center. Personal transformation and global sustainability naturally go hand in hand: as we learn to take care of our body and mind, we become more aware of the importance of living in harmony with nature.

Through the practice of yoga, we become more sensitive to the interconnectedness of thought, energy, and action. We learn to cultivate a deeper respect and reverence for the give and take that is inherent to our existence.

By addressing this exchange from a yogic perspective, the sustainable projects undertaken by our retreat center offer insights into the ways that yoga can help to bring our bodies and the Earth into harmony.

Sustainability is also in the front of our minds when it comes to renovating and running the center. How can we have the least impact on the environment and move this historical property towards an eco-friendly future?

We used ecological insulation and materials when possible, installed an eco-friendly sewage system, and furnished our home mainly with second hand and recycled furniture. When our budget permits, we are planning to install a rainwater collection system for irrigation, a new ecological heating system, and natural swimming pool. Our vision for the garden includes a greenhouse, a food forest, and a number of beautiful vegetable and herb permaculture gardens. If you feel inspired by our vision, consider donating to support our projects!