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Sahajananda, the main founder of Hridaya Yoga, is a meditation and hatha yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience. His message conveys the non-dual tantric teachings. An engineer in electronics by education, Sahajananda started practicing yoga and meditation in 1981, the year in which yoga was banned in Communist Romania. This fact only brought him more depth, determination, and spiritual aspiration. At age 14, the revelation of true Love came when he first met Simona. This sparked the first inspirations regarding the core message of Hridaya. Her presence was both an inspiration and a guide for what sacredness and wonderment of…

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Antoaneta Gotea

Antoaneta Maria Gotea was born in July 1972, in Bucharest, Romania. The memories from her early age about her father practicing complicated physical exercises (known in yoga as uddiyana bandha) and unusual breathing (pranayama) synergistically connected with her mother’s teachings about the existence of subtle bodies and reincarnation and this blossomed later in a genuine spiritual aspiration. Her search for an authentic spiritual path led her at the age of 21 to a yoga course while she was a student at Politechnical University in Bucharest. She studied Raja Yoga, Mahavidya Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism at a yoga school in Romania.…

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Arnaud Philibert

Arnaud Philibert is a senior yoga and meditation teacher. As a child, he was passionate about history and spirituality. That led him to walk the Camino of Santiago in Spain and to explore ancient and sacred places in both Europe and Asia. After an intense period of sadhana in Tantra Yoga and Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism), he met Sahajananda in 2007 and started a series of Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats with him. He lives with his family close to Longeval.    

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Claudiu Vaduva

Claud, a Romanian-born Leo, moved to New York City in his adolescent years, growing up there and becoming a U.S. citizen. An engineer by schooling but former computer geek by employment, he feels compelled to teach yoga to those who are seeking the spiritualization of their lives. Growth and evolution are his big motivators, both for himself and for others. Evolution toward what? He believes the beauty of life is available to everyone who asks for it. He feels yoga is a wonderful tradition, a tested tradition, and for those who have questions outside of the accepted tracks, it can prove…

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Simona Trandafir

Simona Trandafir has been a spiritual teacher since 1985. During this time, she has inspired and coordinated large groups of yogis. She is an experienced yoga teacher, as acknowledged by Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500). Even though she is a graduate of the Automation and Computer University, she felt that her entire life should be dedicated to opening people’s hearts towards the inherent beauty of existence. This is what she was called to do since she was 12, and she now continues her mission.  Hundreds of people from Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, and other places in Romania started practicing yoga with Simona.…

Hridaya Teachers

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Alison Bond

When Alison first came to yoga for its health benefits in 2010, she had no idea that the profound spiritual path unfolding before her would become her life’s calling! It is Alison’s passion to share the yogic teachings and the message of the Heart with all those who seek Truth. A Truth-seeker herself, Alison’s path led her to schools and teachers in India, Thailand, Canada, and Mexico, where she explored the deep reality that yoga and meditation point us toward. When Alison found Hridaya Yoga in 2012, she knew she had comes across a true gem in this community where…

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Naomi White

Naomi fell in love with the Spiritual Heart when she first discovered Hridaya Yoga through a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in 2011. She then went on to train as a Clinical Psychologist and afterward completed the Hridaya Teacher Training Course. She now incorporates an integrated understanding of the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal domains both as a Hridaya teacher and a psychotherapist. She enjoys supporting people on the spiritual path as they delve into a deepening intimacy with themselves on all levels.    

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Xavier Lequarré

Originally from Belgium, Xavier is a seasoned traveler who is passionate about exploring other cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. In 2006, he became almost blind, which was a turning point in his life, forcing him to pause and look inside. Realizing that what he was seeking externally could be found through an internal journey, he simultaneously recovered his sight and started practicing yoga, at first in the Iyengar tradition, practicing yoga and meditation in India, and then doing a teacher training course in the yoga of energy in Switzerland. He discovered Hridaya in 2015 and deepened his practice with the school,…

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