The Vision of Hridaya Yoga France

Sharing the Teachings of the Heart in Europe

Building a Community for Spiritual Transformation

Hridaya Yoga France was founded from a deep yearning to share the message of the Heart with ever more people. Our beautiful home, Domaine de Longeval, allows easy access from all points in Europe. Here, the non-dual teachings are shared both formally—through silent meditation retreats, yoga courses, and workshops—and informally—via day-to-day life in a vibrant community of people dedicated to living with an Open Heart. In this way, we create the best conditions to support the revelation of our True Nature.


There is no copyright on the Heart, and we share these teachings in the spirit of selfless service. Although there are certain operational costs that must be covered in order to function as a full-time yoga and meditation retreat center, Hridaya Yoga France is a non-profit organization committed to offering teachings to everyone, regardless of financial situation. Thus, our mission includes providing scholarships, donation-based courses, and free events, thereby enabling a broader spectrum of students to gain access.