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The Spirit of Karma Yoga

Selfless Giving Is the Art of Living

Being in the Spirit of Karma Yoga in a Beautiful Spiritual Community in the Heart of France

The spirit of Karma Yoga is an opportunity for you to heed the call to deepen your practice of volunteer service. It allows you a full immersion into the Hridaya Community by practicing yoga and meditation with us as well as helping us with our internal operations. In addition to volunteering, Karma Yogis play an integral part in holding a friendly space in the community according to the Hridaya Yoga Vision.

Volunteers help in the spirit of Karma Yoga, the yoga of selfless action. While practicing Karma Yoga, you detach from the fruits of your contribution. You see your help as an offering in service to others and to all of existence. If you’d like further information, you can read a blog post about Karma Yoga and life as a Karma Yogi at Longeval here.


The practice of Hridaya Meditation and Hatha Yoga is the foundation of our community. As it’s most harmonious to experience the Hridaya teachings prior to committing to volunteer here, you must complete the Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive or an on-site 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat before you apply. We offer these courses in Longeval as well as at our center in Mexico.

Note that we occasionally need Karma Yogis or staff members with specific technical skills. In such cases, we may waive this prerequisite.

If you meet the condition above, then we invite you to apply via the “General Application” button below.

A Thriving Community Centered in the Heart

Glimpses of Life in Longeval
  • Group in front of castle of spiritual center in France - Yoga & Meditation in Hridaya France
  • Volunteer doing renovations in a yoga retreat center in france
  • Yogi looking out the windows of Hridaya Yoga France retreat center
  • Bonfire in front of the castle - Hridaya Yoga France meditation retreat center
  • Open-air workshop on yogic breathing technics - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Gardening and permaculture in Hridaya Yoga France retreat center
  • Relaxing in the hammock during Hridaya Yoga meditation retreat
  • Work in a yoga retreat center - Karma yogi having fun in France
  • Cooking delicious vegetarian meals for the yoga retreat - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Hugging from the heart - Discover the Spiritual Community of Hridaya Yoga France
  • Joss teaching art of breathing in Hridaya Yoga France
  • Learning pranayama in the pure air of the forest around the yoga retreat center - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Studying yoga philosophy at Hridaya Yoga France retreat center
  • Walking meditation in the forest surrounding the meditation retreat center - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Dance workshop - Embody your femininity in Hridaya Yoga France
  • Community lunch at Hridaya Yoga retreat center in France
  • Moment de partage après le cours de yoga - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Free hugs - Une communauté spirituelle centrée sur le coeur - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Déjeuner en plein air devant le chateau - Centre de méditation Hridaya Yoga France
  • Atelier sur la respiration et le pranayama au centre de yoga Longeval - Hridaya Yoga France
  • Growing together in a spiritual community - Hridaya Yoga France

We’d love for you to join us!